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Flower salon on 8th,March for the ladies’ Festival

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To celebrate the international women's day on March 8, Roadtamer organized a unique flower salon for the ladies. Flower arrangement is the most enjoyable and elegant knowledge. Under the guidance of teacher, everyone got a unique gift of the festival!  Now follow our photos to have a review!

The teacher explained the knowledge of flower arrangement.

The process of flower arrangement is the process of pruning, breaking off and practicing of life.

  Be grateful for this time of laughter, and remember your beauty with this joy. Quietly cut off this period of time to create a song to retain this warm memory. The clusters of vibrant and hopeful flower baskets were filled with the ladies’ good wishes for Roadtamer and their hopes for the future. It indicates that Roadtamer will be as colorful as flowers in the new year, wonderful and amazing.

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