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Company philosophies:

■Earnest people, Earnest Enterprise
■Learning、Creating 、Reengineering
■Produce excellent products, Train the best talents
Roadtamer advocates the enterprise spirit of dedication, cooperation, innovation and improvement. The implementation of "people-oriented" and strict management principle ensures the enterprise has the most powerful development; Equipped with modern training center, reserve and replace talents at all levels by combinationing of internal and external training, to provides a strong guarantee for the sustained and high-speed development; A variety of cultural activities are carried out all the year round to enrich the staff's spare time life and cultivate their tastes, enhancing the cohesion and affinity of the enterprise, showing good spirit of a modern enterprise .

Company spirit: professional、Active、Enthusiastic、Efficient

Management strategy:
■Credibility: Be honest, Be faithful.
■Practicality: Treat people honestly, complete work seriously; Finish every simple thing well.
■Innovation:  Innovate philosophies, attitude and action.

Company Mission:
■Train the best talents; Create excellent products; Become first-class enterprise; Make contributions to society,  Seek sustainable development

Quality strategy:
■ Continuous improvement  Pursue zero defect

Company Values:
Dedicated、Professional;Honest、Justicial ; Harmonious、Generous.
Respect to senior, Kind to junior, Gentle to people, Serious to things

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